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DuckDuckGo: Where Privacy is King

How online privacy issues is behind the success of DuckDuckGo Supposing you are using a normal web browser and looking for a sensitive subject area, somebody in the online sense could be looking over your shoulder. Google’s personalised searches can be both a blessing and a curse; in the latter, Google’s record of your search…

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Yippy: Google Alternatives

A look at Yippy Woolwich to Islington; Newton Heath to Old Trafford; Wimbledon to Milton Keynes: what do they all have in common? Controversial changes in locality involving football clubs. You’ll be wondering why these have anything to do with search engine directories…

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BoardReader: Google Alternatives

Introducing BoardReader, an alternative search engine directory with focus on web forums and discussion topics Search Engine Myth: Google is the only game in town. Search Engine Fact: there is several competitors and niche search engines. Everybody knows about the power of Google. Many of us take Google’s results as gospel and treat the search…

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