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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum – Take it easy on me!

    I was told about the Manchester Business Forum by a friend of mine and wanted to contribute somehow. Reading the subjects I seen employment Law and was immediately reminded of an MP I seen on TV yesterday speaking about employment amongst other things.

    You may know/heard of:

    The MP is well known due to his quick mouth, he has faced allegations of “Fiddling the Expenses” paying his wife around 30k as a “case worker” helping him claiming he “trust her more than anyone else”.

    I too do not believe that is why she has the job, but thats an opinion.

    Speaking Regarding employment he said: “We have bankers bonus’s millions, and people are being told this year I wont get a rise, and all these gaffers on the other side getting all that money” – He said (he is on 70k and pays his wife around 30k + Expenses.

    This is exactly the issue with our countries economy, everybody wants to more money for the same amount of work.

    As a small business owner, I really really despise this ignorant attitude towards “bosses” and their money grabbing ways.

    The truth is, as “boss” I will do whatever I can to help my staff, include pay them as much as I can afford. Not all bosses are bad and money grabbing people, most of them (from experience) are hard working & honest people.

    It reminds me of the lazy “claim culture” we have. Im entitled to this, I’m entitled to this etc etc.

    Its the reason we moan about people coming to take “our jobs” it is not your skills and/or qualifications that get jobs it the the people who have them.

    It is fine for Ronnie Campbell to go on TV & voice his opinion about people who have generated their own wealth and claim they need to pay more people when you are on
    100k+ package from the taxpayer.

    I look forward to networking on this forum and thanks for getting this far on my first contribution.

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