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    Has any body used ?

    I own a call centre & have had a few emails I thought were spam, but after having correspondence they genuinely want me to do business.

    The catch is I have to give them client information.

    On the other hand if they really vet the companies properly & i can pass my clients on to suppliers of other services I could probably make serious money by the looks of their commission structure.

    The rep that came to see me was actually aright (as far as reps go) and not pushy which I thought was suspect in some way. The thing is generally when things sound to good to be true they normally are. But am I missing out on easy money?

    I am probably going to do a trial with them anyway but has anybody had any real experience of these guys?

    Tom King
    The Design King

    Feel Free to contact me about my design services & thanks for reading

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