Google: Online Video a “Must” For Mobile Marketing

According to Google themselves, online video is a must-have component for your mobile marketing strategy, Google stated that: “Mobile viewers are more likely to watch, share, and feel connected to ads and branded video.”

Google indicates that 50% of global views on YouTube come from mobile devices. Attention spans are also apparently better on mobile. This is particularly true as the majority of people are reportedly 2X more likely to be focused while watching a video on their mobile compared to watching something on TV.

When people watch ads on smartphones they feel a lot more personally connected to them, which makes them more likely to share the ads compared to desktop viewers.

More consumers are starting to search for new information by turning to a video first. An example of this is if you was to by a new product, it would be wise to review it not just by it’s reviews but by a video to prove that it is useful and that it works. Over 50% of those who were surveyed said they used a video to help them make purchasing decisions, with YouTube being listed as their number 1 destination.

Videos were viewed as being among the most essential types of content, because they give the buyer a real feel of what it’s like to own that product.


Lastly, compared to desktop viewers, mobile viewers are more likely to:

  • Visit a store or website
  • Share the content
  • Discuss the company
  • Make a purchase
  • Change their opinion about a company

For further statistics and information, check out Google’s full report.